Culpeper 287(g)

The Culpeper Sheriff’s ICE application comes at too great a cost.

Sheriff Jenkins’s application to deputize six of his officers to become Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents through the 287g program will be costly. Prince William County – the only other locality in the Commonwealth that has entered into such an agreement – budgeted $26 million dollars to implement their 287g program over 5 years. On page 5 of the standard Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between ICE and the Sheriff, the contract spells out that local law enforcement “is responsible for the salaries and benefits, including overtime, of all its personnel being trained or performing duties under this MOA.” Culpeper can find better uses for our tax-payer money.

The true expense, however, will be counted not in dollars, but in the trust that will be lost between local law enforcement and the community.

Join us in opposing the Sheriff’s 287g program.